The New Story of Free Love

It's been a few months since our last update.  Much has transpired since then. After stewarding and participating in the first US Love School in Oakland, John continued the lengthy work of sifting through all the footage from our Tamera shoot and crafting the story into numerous timelines. 

Now, we've joined forces back in Vancouver to take the film to the next level. We've begun the first stages of the rough assembly and the arc is starting to take shape. We are beyond excited about the powerful stories and threads that are weaving together, and can't wait to show the film to you. 

In the meantime, we've pulled a short excerpt on the subject of "free love" - a topic that is often misunderstood when we speak about the culture of Tamera. Benjamin von Mendellsoh, co-founder of the Love School, offers a succinct explanation below.

FULL TRANSCRIPT "Many times people criticise our research, our culture we built around love, that there is no chance for commitment, of going deep enough, because going deep enough with one person you can only do when you commit to one person, and for me this is one of the big misunderstandings because community that commits to deepening love will tell you when you are just fooling around and avoiding the pain inside. 

So when we say we free love from fear, this is not arbitrary promiscuity, it is the opposite, it is people saying look, look now you have to let go of your fixation of the partner because it comes from fear. You are in this moment, you are mistaking your partner with, potentially your mother, potentially other people who have left you, where it's like a very immature demanding love, and this is not partnership love. 

Coming to Tamera and the culture we create there's also the freedom, and there's, it's beauty, and most of us have to kind of almost make up for a very repressed life, and they just say ok, paradise. Here it is. I can go with her, and with her, and with her. And this is fine, because we want to free our culture, we want to lift this repression, but then the point will come when we say look Benjamin, this is not about going to many women.

 Now you have to deepen, now it is about seeing who she is, who you are, and deepening, and not going all over the place. And that for me as important a moment in freeing love from fear as it is when you say, open your relationship."

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Ian & John