It all started with a gift..

Life. My life, your life, each breath - a gift from somewhere. We didn’t pay for the sun, the moon, the water, the trees; we didn’t earn oxygen, blood nor skin. At the root of every healthy culture ever to inhabit this planet is the understanding our participating in the circle of the Gift that is life. We receive, and so we give back - to one other, to the plants and animals, to the waters and the sun, and to the Great Mystery from which all these gifts come. Love could be another name for the Mystery, and for the nature of all of these gifts; it’s the connective tissue we feel when in the giving and receiving.

The vision of this film came as a gift, and each step of the way has only been possible by the generous gifting of so many. From thousands of dollars through two successful crowdfunding campaigns with over 740 backers, to the hours of time by the directors, and the many synchronistically unfolded collaborations, LOVE SCHOOL: THE FILM is one deep expression of the Gift that keeps circulating. We are committed to the Gift, and this film will ultimately be gifted freely the public on-line.

And we are still on the receiving end of many gifts - and we need more support to bring this film to the world. We are seeking collaboration via a talented animator who can bring their gifts to the film, and we are seeking financial gifts to help support our Global Tour. If you feel called to donate, please click the button below. For other offerings please email us at